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Our Company's Mission

Our mission for SwankCook food sharing is to create the first food sharing exchange network that is truly built by cooks for cooks. We want to create a platform that caters to not only new cooks, but also advanced chefs, bakers and restaurants with a product road map that is created by our users, for our users.

User Experience & Security First

Tired of fast food? So are we and it's time to apply a new user experience standard for the food community that will allow for unparalleled user experience comparative to the other food delivery available in the market. In addition, it goes without saying that security should be the first priority for customers which will be at the forefront with SwankCook food sharing exchange.

Our Long Term Vision

It's an ambitious goal, SUSTAINABILITY - We want to standardize how food purchases are conducted, with earth friendly delivery & shipping. We want to ensure customer confidence when purchasing from SwankCook food vendors that are coming rapidly to market across the country. We also want to help chefs and bakers successfully sell their crafted food products with our network of thousands hungery foodie customers at food sharing. 

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I needed money for college expanses so I started baking food for my friends and they told their friends. Now I am renting a kitchen and really growing my baking business! 



SwankCook's Team, Investors, & Advisors

Greg Spates - Founder/CEO/Cook

I was inspired to build a food sharing place where talented cooks, chefs & bakers can easily reach there customers and get new customers following them.

Kristine Stortroen - Marketing/Baker


Andrew Gazdecki - 
Comes from a technical background with experience building scalable software platforms. In 2017, he was awarded Inc. Magazine's 30 Under 30. 


Bert Fenenga - Cook

Financial Executive with over 20 years of experience in a variety of branded consumer product companies. My ability to strategically analyze financial and operational issues, build cohesive teamwork between all departments and implement processes to improve efficiencies.  



Tom Davidson - Cook

A Seriel entrepeneur with skills in many areas including manufacturing franchising and ecommerce and cosmetics.


Investor - Strategic Partner Opportunity

Join our growing team of experts, this could be you! 


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